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Whether an intentional investor in rental property looking to earn income or an owner trying to lease a home to help pay the expenses, Texas law defines you as a landlord. As such, you are required to work within the constraints of ever-changing federal, state and local laws while trying to maximize your income and protect your asset. Let Quest put our professional experience and expertise to work for you. Using some of the latest industry-specific technology along with ever-evolving processes, we can increase your potential for a larger and steadier income. Our professional leasing and management services include:

Rental Property Evaluations+

Take-In Evaluation - after acceptance of the property, we perform an initial evaluation of your property and make recommendations to help make sure it meets current state and local property codes and is in the proper condition to lease. Using a comparable market analysis and other resources, we will suggest a rental rate for your property with the goals of obtaining the optimal dollar amount the market will bear based on current market conditions, keeping vacancy periods short and increasing your return on investment.

Periodic Evaluations – throughout each tenancy, we schedule the property to be visually checked for possible concerns so the condition of the property can be maintained and remain in compliance with state and local property codes. This also gives us an opportunity to determine the tenant’s compliance with the lease and their care of the property.

Marketing & Showings+

We use proven, yet cost-effective, means for advertising properties so they get more exposure to potential tenants and therefore, a better opportunity to lease sooner. Your property would be listed on www.questps.com and other reputable online listing websites for general public viewing. As members of the Multiple Listing Services (MLS), we would place your property where thousands of real estate agents search for available rental properties. Additionally, we maintain professional yard signs with minimal but pertinent information to capture the attention of passers-by. Scheduled showings of the property through a showing service help us determine the current interest in and obtain feedback about the property.

Tenant Screening and Retention+

New applicants - New applicants are required to submit an extensive application allowing us to review income, credit and residential history and perform civil and criminal background checks. This information is used to screen applicants against strict qualifying standards which are within compliance of Federal Fair Housing laws and to obtain qualified and potential long-term tenants.

Current tenants – the tenant’s payment history, lease compliance and property upkeep are some of the factors taken into consideration before a renewal is offered. A comparable market analysis is used to help determine the current renewal rate. Our attentiveness to tenant’s questions and requests as well as maintaining the condition of the property also play a part in giving the tenant incentive to accept a renewal.

Property Maintenance+

Our in-house maintenance division and outside reputable vendors, along with licensed and insured professional contractors, provide quality, cost-effective repairs to help keep the property in good condition. This level of service entices tenants to stay longer and can assist in maintaining the property’s appeal.

Lease Enforcement+

The lease between the landlord and tenant states the legal terms of the agreement and is in place for the protection of both the landlord and tenants. We take this agreement seriously and use various methods to help tenants remain compliant with the lease, providing protection for the client’s investment and income.

Financial Processing +

Following the strict legal standards set for rental property accounting, we handle the collection and processing of security deposits, rents, repair invoices, 1099 forms, etc. and provide our clients itemized monthly statements, as well as, an end of year summary of their account. Statements can be easily accessed online through our owner portal.

Legal Compliance/ Protection+

Through various associations, we seek to learn about, help influence and quickly adapt to all new laws passed at the local, state and federal levels that affect the residential rental industry so we can assist our clients in remaining compliant to these laws.

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Building on its frontier western heritage and a history of strong local arts patronage, Fort Worth has, in recent years, begun promoting itself as the "City of Cowboys and Culture". Fort Worth has the world's largest indoor rodeo.

The Fort Worth Zoo is home to over 5000 animals and has been named as a top zoo in the nation by Family Life magazine, the Los Angeles Times and USA Today and one of the top zoos in the South by Southern Living Reader's Choice Awards; it has been ranked in the top 10 zoos in the United States.

While much of Fort Worth's sports attention is focused on the Metroplex's professional sports teams, the city has its own athletic identity. The TCU Horned Frogs compete in NCAA Division I Athletics, including the football team, consistently ranked in the Top 25, and the baseball team, which has competed in the last six NCAA Tournaments and came within a win of making the College World Series in 2009. Source From Wikipedia

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